Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

Hair loss can be distressing and embarrassing, regardless of its cause. If you experience hair loss or baldness, visit E. Jacob Simhaee, MD, FACOG, at his New York offices in Manhasset, Long Island, or Forest Hills, Queens. He offers customized, nonsurgical, affordable hair restoration treatments to both women and men. Call Dr. Simhaee’s nearest office to learn how you could enjoy a fuller head of hair, or request a consultation online today.

What causes hair loss?

Many issues can lead to hair loss. Some of the most common issues Dr. Simhaee encounters include:

  • Excessive or prolonged stress
  • Menopause
  • Some forms of birth control 
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Inherited conditions (female or male pattern baldness)
  • Hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormone)
  • Certain medications
  • Androgenic alopecia 

Hair loss or thinning can also occur during and after pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

You can address some causes of hair loss with medications and/or lifestyle changes. For example, taking supplementary hormones if you have hypothyroidism or learning stress management techniques.

Dr. Simhaee offers several effective, nonsurgical hair loss treatments for men and women, including PRP therapy, Alma TED™, and peptide injections. Nutrafol® hair growth supplements, shampoo, and drops are available for maintenance. He uses Pro-Nox™ gas for some treatments to ensure patients remain comfortable.

How does Alma TED help hair loss?

Alma TED is a nonsurgical, needle-free, pain-free ultrasound device. It uses sound waves and air pressure to drive topical hair treatments into the scalp, improving blood flow and hair regrowth. Alma Patented Hair Care Formula contains essential ingredients like growth factors that result in thicker, shinier, stronger hair.

TED treatment takes around 20-25 minutes. You won’t need any downtime afterward. Most patients find three treatments a month apart produce the best results, but you might see significant improvements in just two weeks.

Call E. Jacob Simhaee, MD, FACOG, to learn more about your hair loss options, or schedule a consultation online today.

How does PRP help with hair loss? 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is among the most exciting recent developments in hair restoration. Platelets are part of your blood, along with red and white blood cells and the fluid (plasma) that contains them. They ensure your blood clots if you injure yourself and kickstart the healing process.

PRP contains proteins that stimulate your follicles, where hair roots grow. PRP hair loss therapy involves drawing some of your blood and processing it so that only the active cells remain. Dr. Simhaee injects the activated PRP into your scalp and then applies a micro-needling device.

Micro-needling makes multiple tiny wounds in your skin that trigger your body’s healing response. Combining PRP with micro-needling optimizes the results by using two approaches to stimulate new hair growth. Your hair follicles need to be alive for the treatment to work effectively.

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