Restore Vaginal Health Without Surgery: Learn About Our Three Options

Feb 05, 2024
Restore Vaginal Health Without Surgery: Learn About Our Three Options

Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause — your vagina can change dramatically over the course of your life, and not necessarily for the better. The good news is that we can have the tools to restore your vaginal health.

A woman’s body can undergo some dramatic changes in life. First, there’s puberty, and then there might be pregnancy and childbirth. After all of this, menopause awaits, and with it some more big changes.

This roller coaster ride can exact a heavy toll on your vaginal health, but the good news is that we can fight back with some great treatments that don’t rely on surgery.

Here at E. Jacob Simhaee, MD, Dr. Eskandar J. Simhaee prides himself on offering the latest tools and technologies that address women's health concerns. When it comes to vaginal restoration, we have a comprehensive toolkit, including the options we outline below.

1. Bioidentical hormone replacement 

Each year in the United States, more than one million women begin their journey through menopause, which is caused when the ovaries shut down. As the primary producers of your hormones, this shutdown means that far fewer reproductive hormones are available to you, and this loss can cast a wide net.

During this transition, women can encounter a wide range of symptoms (collectively referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause), from hot flashes to a decline in vaginal health, which are all driven by the loss of hormones. For example, more than half of postmenopausal women between the ages of 51 and 60 report vaginal dryness.

A great way to offset some of these life-changing side effects of menopause is through hormone replacement therapy. At our practice, we offer Biote® — plant-based, bioidentical hormones that can restore vaginal health, stop hot flashes, and prevent bone loss, among the many benefits.

2. Vaginal restoration with radiofrequency energy (RF)

If you’d prefer not to tinker with your hormones and you only want to address vaginal laxity, we have the perfect solution —Votiva FormaV®. 

The health of your vaginal tissues can decline for a number of reasons, with pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause leading the charge. Whatever the cause, FormaV can improve your vaginal health using gentle radiofrequency energy.

Using a specialized tool that we insert in your vagina, we release the energy into your vaginal tissues, where the thermal energy elicits a collagen response. Since collagen is the protein responsible for the structure and support of your tissues, this collagen response can tighten your vaginal walls.

A great benefit of FormaV is that it’s noninvasive, and there's no downtime after your treatments.

3. A vaginal remodeling without surgery 

When we discuss vaginal health, we’re referring to the walls inside your vagina as well as your external genitalia. Depending upon the extent of vaginal laxity, you might want to consider one of our minimally invasive vaginal restoration treatments — Alma® FemiLift or Morpheus 8V®.

With FemLift, we deliver CO2 energy into the target tissues. The energy starts as a single beam, but it’s pixelated into smaller beams that create fractional patterns that ablate the surface of the tissues. The energy also creates thermal zones deeper in the tissues so they rebuild from below. This allows us to tighten your vaginal tissues from above and below. As a result of new cell formation, there is an increase in moisture of the vagina. FemiLift is a perfect option for breast cancer survivors or are currently undergoing treatment and are suffering from vaginal dryness.

With the Morpheus 8V, we combine microneedling and radiofrequency energy to create tiny microchannels in your vaginal tissues. At the same time, we deliver RF energy into the deeper layers of your tissues. This combination approach is very effective at rejuvenating lax vaginal tissue, helping it to rebuild on every level. Morpheus 8V is the perfect option for individuals who are suffering from loose vagina or not feeling their partner.

With both FemiLift and Morpheus 8V, we can deliver results that are very close to your youthful vagina without surgery. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can restore your vaginal health, we invite you to schedule a consultation at one of our New York area offices in Manhasset, Long Island, or Forest Hills, Queens.