Numerous of Patients ask Dr. Simhaee and his staff, Does the Doctor approve of the Use of Tampons? 
Here is Dr. Simhaee's opinion on Tampons :


Dr. Simhaee:  

                A lot of patients ask me how I feel towards tampons. They usually want to know if they should use it for the gym, for travel purposes, to go to the pool or even for their teenage, athletic daughters. Personally, I am against Tampons. The reason is, because tampons are a piece of cotton being placed inside of your vagina and is absorbing what is being placed there. The tampon does not have the ability to distinguish what is blood and what is discharge, causing your vagina to become dry. Plus, all the blood that is being held inside of the tampon is susceptible to infections. If you notice, sometimes when you are removing the tampon, there is a slight friction that occurs. When you feel this friction, this means you just caused a tear in your vaginal wall causing you to have a microscopic bleed inside. This can most likely cause Bacterial Vaginosis, which is an overgrowth of bacteria found inside of your vagina. I do not recommend tampons at all unless a serious case is present. An example would be if you have blood clots or need to hold blood inside while heading to the doctors. Otherwise, I would suggest using a pad and only using a pad during your menstrual cycle. If you are not on your menstrual, do not even use a panty liner as it can cause infections as well.


Each patient is different. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Simhaee.

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