How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Dr. Simhaee and his staff are always looking for better ideas to keep our patients calm, happy and informed during their pregnancies. We listen to all of our patients who are concerned with their diets and have diet goals in mind. We would like you all to know we are here to help! Dr. Simhaee and his staff listened to our moms and discovered some common questions on staying fit during pregnancy. Below you will find a Q&A with Dr. Simhaee and get special advice on staying fit during and after your pregnancy, even if you were not fit before!

Question:  How do you suggest Mothers find their weight goals during pregnancy?

Dr. Simhaee: First you need to know your weight before you began your pregnancy. If you do not know, we can go based on what you currently are and discuss what you would like for your goal to be. Once we have a goal, we develop a plan. Your diet will be under the Diet and Nutrition tab, follow this diet and any changes that we make per your requests. Then, we monitor you.   

Question: How would a mother monitor her weight?

Dr. Simhaee: You can use your own scale at home. Choose a day of your choice to weigh yourself every week. I suggest in the mornings, after you use the restroom, with nothing but your underwear on. Once you get on the scale, keep a personal journal for yourself. It is important to document to know if a diet change is needed to be made. Remember if you have any concerns, you can always contact me. You are not going through this journey alone, I am here.     

Question: What happens if a mother notices she has gained more weight than discuss. What should she do?

Dr. Simhaee: If you are checking your weight one morning and you notice you have gained more than what we discussed, become your own doctor. If you can adjust your diet or make some changes, then do so. In general, any weight a mother gains can go to numerous places in her body. If you have any concerns, always contact me. 

Question: What advice would you give moms on how to stay FIT during their pregnancies?

Dr. Simhaee: I recommend eating 3 meals with 3-4 snacks a day. Eat every two hours in small amounts frequently. Also, include some form of exercise 3-5 times a week (this will depend on your base-line weight) and previous physical activity done before pregnancy.  We’ve had experience with patients who followed our recommendations and achieved their goals. Patients, who were overweight, following our diet plan, actually lost weight and still gave birth to a healthy 7-8 pound baby. Our diet plan truly works. Whether you are underweight trying to gain weight, or over weight losing weight, our goal is to make our mothers happy after their pregnancies. I did notice however, once women stopped following the diet plan, they returned to their previous weight. I recommend continuing the diet even after your pregnancy.  

Question: A lot of mothers have friends who do not gain any weight at all during their pregnancies and would like the same. Do you have any advice for those wanting this goal?

Dr. Simhaee: It is important to try to not compare yourself to other people or pregnancies. Each body is different and each pregnancy is not the same. It is suggested by studies, each women is to gain 20-25 pounds during their pregnancy. However, if a mom comes to me with a low BMI and need to gain more weight, she cannot have the same diet as a mom with a higher BMI that needs to lose weight. Once we are able to sit down and I notify you of what I believe your goal should be, you can discuss with me your concerns or what you want as your goal and we can create a plan together.  

Question: Why is it important for a mom to stay FIT during pregnancy?

Dr. Simhaee: It is important to stay fit during your pregnancy because it will help you have an easy delivery and enjoy your baby right after delivery. Overall, any weight a mother gains is not only in the abdomen or external areas that can be seen, but also gains fat internally. If there is too much fat in the pelvic, vaginal area, it can increase the chances of having a caesarean section or even an emergency shoulder dystocia pregnancy, where the baby’s shoulders are unable to flow out of the vagina. I want to make sure none of these things occur and you are mobile right after giving birth to breast feed your baby and go back to previous normal activities. My goal is to help you achieve your goal and not gain more than discussed.  I am here to help you and make your pregnancy easy and healthy.    

                                           Let’s Have An Amazing Pregnancy Together!


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