Resist the U-r-g-e!

Urge incontinence taking over your life? Here are some helpful techniques to try once your urge sets in:

1. Stop. Stop all movement and stand very still. If possible, sit down. Remain calm and confident. You can do this!

2. Squeeze. Do 10 quick, strong pelvic muscle contractions. This sends a message to your bladder to stop the feeling of urgency. Be sure to not contract your stomach muscles as you squeeze.

3. Relax. Take several slow, deep breaths. Release the tension from your shoulders, back, and the rest of your body. Concentrate on controlling the feeling of urgency. Distract yourself by thinking about something else. Visualizing a hot, dry place works for some people (try thinking about desert).

4. Go. When your urge is under control, walk calmly to the bathroom. If you rush, you can jostle your bladder and increase the feeling of urgency. Walking normally makes it easier to focus on controlling your urge.

Have the urge at night?

1. Lie still

2. Perform 10 quick pelvic floor contractions and try to go back to sleep

3. If you must go, sit on the edge of the bed, relax, and walk calmly to the bathroom

4. *Keep in mind, it is considered normal to go once per night!*

It is important to limit your intake of the following foods to help keep your bladder symptoms under control:

1. Beverages and foods containing caffeine

2. Carbonated beverages

3. Spicy foods

4. Citrus fruits

5. Tomato products

6. Diet products that contain aspartame

7. Alcohol

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